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Volunteer Descriptions

Check-in Table Worker

  • Arrives at meet early (by 7:00 a.m. for 8:00 a.m. meet)
  • Sets up check-in table
  • Ensures swimmers check in as present at meets
  • Ensures volunteers check in and receive name tags

Concessions Worker

  • Helps with setup, selling of concessions, and cleanup of concessions area after meet

Ready Bench Parent

  • Is assigned to work with a particular age group for the meet (example: “7-8 year-old girls”)
  • Assembles and organizes that age group of assigned swimmers for their relays and events
  • Escorts assigned swimmers to the starting blocks before their events
  • Has a special opportunity to get to know swimmers by name

Ribbon Writer

  • Needs to start working about an hour into the meet
  • Peels and sticks labels on the backs of the Place ribbons
  • At home meets, works in air conditioning
  • Sorts the ribbons and files them alphabetically by family name in team mailbox file for pick-up at practice
  • Typically stays after the meet for about 30 minutes while the labels finish printing

Runner / Water Provider

  • Picks up the Timers’ score sheets as they complete each sheet as well as the DQ slips from the judges and “runs” the score sheets to the Score Table
  • Distributes bottled water to staff, coaches and volunteers from both teams

Stroke and Turn Judge

  • Attends LSSSL training session in May
  • Watches Strokes and Turns during the meet for compliance with LSSSL Policies and Procedures


  • Meets with officials 15 minutes before the meet
  • Is one of three timers per lane
  • Operates a stop watch
  • Checks the name of the swimmer at the end of the heat
  • Distributes “heat” ribbons (1st-6th place as they exit the pool)
  • Cheers on and congratulates every swimmer with comments like, "good swim," "good work, " etc.
  • Has the best view of the action and will be splashed

Trash Helper

  • Takes pride in being a good guest at Hidden Forest
  • Encourages children to be responsible for their food and wrapper trash in ready bench areas
  • Picks up trash as needed throughout the meet and after the meet
  • Monitors fullness of trash cans and replaces main and restroom trash bags as needed
  • Carries full trash bags down to dumpster by tennis courts
  • Returns cans to covered patio area and leaves new liner in each can then replaces can lid

Clean-up/Pool Re-setter

  • Ensures that we leave the Hidden Forest facilities as nice as we found them or better
  • Pool: replaces lane lines and ladders
  • Restrooms: picks up trash, rinses out sinks, refills soap if needed, replaces trash bags, turns out lights
  • HOA Rec Room: replaces chairs/tables, sweeps, returns thermostat to 85 degrees (leave on), checks bathroom
  • Chairs: aligns lounge chairs & spaces neatly (off grass) in upright position, straightens table sets
  • Grounds: puts stray towels, clothing, and toys in Lost and Found, turns off fans and lights
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